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LED Lights In Various Designs

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Fill your home with style with our decorative LED lights and light up your room! Choose whichever variant you like or combine them together for a brighter and more stylish room!

    • Operates with 2 AA batteries which are NOT included
    • Wall mountable or standing alone

  1. Flamingo: 30x12x2,8 cm or 11,8x4,7x1,1 inches
  2. Cactus: 25,3x11x2,5 cm or 10x4,3x1 inches
  3. Pinneapple: 25x13x2,8 cm or 9,8x5,1x1,1 inches
  4. Coconut tree: 24.5cmx15x2,8 cm or 9,6x5,9x1,1 inches
  5. Unicorn: 29.5cmx23x2,8 cm or 11,6x9x1 inches
  6. White cloud/ Blue cloud: 29.5x18x2,8 cm or 11,6x7,1x1,1 inches
  7. White star/ Yellow star: 27x27x4,7 cm or 10,6x10,6x1,8 inches
  8. White moon/ Yellow moon: 24,5x18x2,8 cm or 9,6x7x1,1 inches
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